Basic, yet viable, the way toward purging smoke through water keeps on making probably the smoothest, greatest, cleanest hits. Throughout the most recent 2,000 years, smokers have found shrewd approaches to improve water pipes with various materials, shapes, and highlights you can find out about here. Our exceptional quality yet modest bongs additionally come in many shapes and hues, so you’ll make certain to locate the one that addresses your spirit. Straight cylinder bongs are the most essential style of gravity bong, basically a cylinder and bowl, yet the potential outcomes are unfathomable relying upon what you are searching for. Our Skyscraper Bong delineates this consummately with its three degrees of filtration, a progression of three ice squeeze chamber, Swiss percolator and 5 stem tree percolator finished off with an ice catcher. We know, it’s a great deal to take in, yet the flexibility of bongs is actually why it’s one of the most famous approaches to get lifted.


Presently you may have made some genuinely cool hand crafted bongs (see the astro light bong) and gravity bongs in your prime and we know DIY is hot at this moment, yet why smoke out of an apple or plastic container that is unforgiving and discharges harmful synthetic substances when you can move up to a glass bong that is a lot more beneficial and has huge amounts of cool highlights that make the experience that vastly improved? Regardless of whether you are searching for a basic container bong like the Bare Bones or an originator bong like our Louie G Vouibong bong, Marley Natural Smoked Water Pipe or a wiped out curiosity bong like the Amanita Cletus bong by Moldy Creations, we have you secured. A portion of our preferred cool bongs incorporate the Large Dappled Skull bong, Iridescent Beaker bong and Rainbow Silicone bong. We’ve additionally got a glass Apple bong, in case you’re feeling nostalgic. On the off chance that this is your first bong we suggest a more straightforward Straight Tube bong or Beaker bong to kick you off as these will be the least muddled to smoke from and the most effortless to clean. The more complex the bong, particularly ones with various percolators like the Double Barrel bong, the harder it is to eliminate buildup and the greater speculation is required in glass cleaning units. Simply keep it basic until you’re prepared to move up to further developed bongs with numerous chambers, percolators and adding other smoking accomplices to improve your filtration power.

The most effective method to USE A BONG

So how accomplishes a bong work? A bong is comprised of a cylinder, base, downstem, carb and bowl. To begin with, load your spice into the bowl, light up and breathe in. As you get smoke from the bowl through the downstem and up the chamber, clean smoke travels through the water as air pockets, sifting tar and debris while chilling off the smoke. The most effective method to hit a bong is a work of art in itself, particularly as you figure out how to blow smoke rings, how to french breathe in and other smoke stunts.


We convey an assortment of bong types that can coordinate practically any inclination whether you’re searching for a glass bong, percolator bong, container bong, straight cylinder bong, silicone bong, fired bong, acrylic bong, smaller than normal bong, little or tremendous bong:

Straight cylinder bongs otherwise called honest people are your exemplary bong; the straight state of the chamber makes the most immediate hits and they’re incredibly simple to clean.

Recepticle bongs have a base that tightens out like a jar, permitting smoke to assemble for a bigger hit.

Percolator bongs utilize different styles of percolators, which channel and diffuse smoke for smoother hits. Lines naturally have cruel dry hits, however percolators help saturate your hits by making smoke and water collaborate all the more frequently.

Multi-chamber bongs otherwise called recyclers make more noteworthy filtration and smoother, more focused hits.

Carburetor/finger carb bongs have a little air opening rather than a draw out slide; these are anything but difficult to move, which is the reason most carb bongs are small scale bongs.

Bowed neck bongs have a bended neck which acts like a splashguard, so you don’t get undesirable sprinkle back and permits you to endure shots all the more effortlessly given its calculated arch.

Silicone bongs are the most travel-accommodating bong style. They incredible in the event that you need something strong and lightweight for when you go outdoors, climbing, biking or simply need to stuff it in your sack without stressing that it may break and ruin your end of the week.

Scaled down bongs are amazingly convenient bongs that are under 7 inches tall, ordinarily running between 5-6 inches and can be watchfully concealed in your sack. They regularly have in no way different highlights that a standard estimated bong does, yet their size makes them simpler to utilize and more affordable. Little bongs are somewhat bigger in size and are a decent center ground alternative. They are incredible for solo seshes, gatherings of two and when you should be tactful.


Warmth stable borosilicate glass: Borosilicate glass is utilized in research centers, wineries and top of the line cafés for it’s toughness and capacity to withstand extraordinary temperature changes. Clear glass offers extraordinary perceivability, letting you watch as smoke develops and effectively observe when it’s an ideal opportunity to clean your bong; anyway many glass bongs come in dazzling hues and plans like our Large Dappled Skull bong.

Artistic bongs are probably the most traditionally delightful and cool-looking bongs accessible, and can even have itemized designs. While glass might be the most widespread material, clay is in reality far and away superior at cooling smoke and more strong, in spite of the fact that in the event that it takes a fall it can break like glass. What’s sure is that you’ll need to show these off as the focal point in your parlor, particularly the more enriching and styled pieces.

Silicone bongs: These adaptable bongs are shatterproof, tough and adaptable which makes them simple to move, in addition to they come in bunches of fun, dynamic prints and examples. One of our top picks, particularly among Rick and Morty fans, is the RNM Silicone Bong.


Bowls – Bong bowls arrive in an assortment of sizes and shapes, yet to get the one ideal for you, you’ll have to investigate yourself and the size tears you take to get the most ideal bowl. Measurement and burden size are the most significant highlights to consider. The bong’s external stem is the joint size and is undoubtedly 14.5mm or 18.5mm, which are the most widely recognized sizes. On the off chance that you see yourself as Poseidon divine force of the ocean and can control water just as you can huge tears, at that point a 29.2mm joint size will assist you with step up.

Downstems – Built-in downstems make bongs simpler to move, while permeated downstems include additional smoke filtration. It’s commonplace for a bong to have both an inward and external stem, which are typically produced using glass or even metal. The external stem is the thing that underpins the bong bowl.

Nail or Banger – If you previously thought bongs we’re adaptable you’ll be astonished to discover that a nail can change over your bong into a spot rig so you can fiddle with concentrates, oils and wax when you need to zest things up. Abruptly, your apparatus just got much more significant! Presently you can utilize your bong as a touch bong or you can put resources into a spot rig as you get more into concentrates.

Ice catchers – Also known as an ice squeeze or ice trap, these indents in the chamber neck of a bong hold ice, which helps cool smoke as it goes to the mouthpiece for frosty hits.

Percs – There are many various types of percolators, yet every one of them work to channel smoke for even smoother, cleaner hits giving extra dispersion to smoke. The absolute most mainstream percolator styles incorporate tree percs, showerhead pers, honeycomb percs, inline percs, grid percs, turbine percs, fritted circle percs, winding/loop percs and faberge egg percs. Some percolator types like tree percs have 20 variations and tallying, as new styles develop.

Debris catcher – Sitting inside your bong this piece includes a second degree of filtration by getting debris before they experience the bong’s fundamental chamber.

Cleaning Kit – If you don’t have one of these then you’re most likely not a genuine stoner, so if your companions have offered comments the time has come to contribute! Bong cleaner packs ordinarily incorporate brushes, cleaning arrangements and q-tips. They are incredible for the entirety of your glass pieces and smoking adornments.


The joints in our body interface bones and body tissue together, so comparatively, the joint must match the size of your bong so it’s hermetically sealed and performs ideally. The standard bong joint sizes are as per the following: 10mm, 14.5mm, 18.8mm and 29.2mm. The initial three are the most well-known, yet in the event that you need a test the 29.2mm is for experienced smokers that can endure huge shots.


The separating and cooling intensity of water gives bongs a reasonable favorable position on joints, hand pipes, and so forth. Water eliminates poisons and tar/debris from smoke, shielding your body from harm, and making a more agreeable encounter. What you find in that cloudy bong water is all the terrible muck that is not going in your mouth, throat, and lungs. Bong water additionally cools smoke to an agreeable temperature that won’t consume your throat. Also, many can’t help thinking about what the thing that matters is between a bong and a bubbler since they are both water pipes, so we’ve made a guide that merits looking at, so you realize which is best for you. We’ve likewise made a couple of aides on the best bongs, contingent upon the event, value range and style, which you can look at underneath.


In case you’re searching for a modest bong under $50 we have you secured.

Rainbow Silicone Beaker Bong – BPA free and warmth safe at 8.5 inches this versatile bong is an incredible partner for the entirety of your experiences!

Stripped down Beaker – This minimal, straightforward measuring utencil bong is all you truly need and is topped of with an ice catcher.

Single Perc Bong – Mini percolator bong with one honeycomb perc and green accents.

Pink Portable Two Tone Bong – Great small scale bong at 5 inches tall and our least expensive bong at just $14.20.


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