Teaching Online Classes

Teaching classes online are a lot different if you’ve ever taught in a classroom before. Planning instruction 토토사이트  for online courses should begin months before the classes are scheduled to start. Teaching as well as studying online all takes time. The course website used will take time to build and to test. Also, advanced planning in required if you would like to use programs like PowerPoint, Centra or develop online chat rooms. It takes a lot of getting used to because mostly, there’s no face-to-face interaction. Teachers have to undergo a large shift in teaching techniques which all require a great deal of patience.

When you start planning on your semester instruction, check with the school or institution to see if they have any online teaching workshops. Some schools may even have an online certification program to be able to teach online. Not every school has them but these workshops are designed to help you learn your resources and different technologies you may choose to use. Also make sure that physically you are capable for doing a lot of reading, writing and instructing on a computer screen.

Research different software programs you need and would like to use so that you are prepared come class time. Programs such as Blackboard, Adobe Presenter, Centra and Scholar all offer tutorials and different techniques for teaching anything consisting of multimedia, presentations and simple things like communication. As intuitive as these things are to use, every program has its quirks and if you know the program or are familiar with how it should be used, it will come in handy if and when you or a student experience technical difficulties Because you as the instructor will be the main person of contact, if a technical problem arose, the student is likely to go to you first. Make sure you have the contact information handy of the technical support team that the school offers to save both you and the student time. You are in responsible for their education not their computer issues.

When the class is ready to begin, introduce yourself to your students and provide them with your appropriate contact number as well as the contact information for technical services. Most online schools and universities use a website called Blackboard which allows you to post all of this information as well as their syllabus. It is safe to put expectations of the students on this website, but address the expectations when you speak to the students directly as well; it helps reduce the possibility of miscommunication.

Schools can give you the option to hold exams online or can be taken in class. As a teacher, you have the same option in class to be able to make the exam however long or hard you want it to be. Online testing offers a lot of flexibility but it takes trial and error to see what works best for you.

Make the lessons easy for students to comprehend. They cannot ask you questions during your online lecture; so taking notes may be more difficult for them. By arranging your material in such a way to make it easier for students to understand, do not take it easier on them than you would in a classroom sitting. Students have assumed in the past that online learning is the easy way out because it is so flexible in scheduling. Students will be trying to get a hold of you non-stop and will call and email you daily. Be prepared to answer a million and one of the same questions, but be patient for you are their teacher and are there to help them.


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