Secure Your Teeth Alignment with Clear Aligners in Dubai

Misalignment of the teeth and jaws is a rather common problem. Many people go on without getting the alignment fixed due to reasons like social awkwardness, costly procedures, or simply due to the involved hassle. However, transparent braces are the cheapest braces in Dubai! These dental braces are very different from their counterpart metal braces.

While metal braces take years to fic your teeth, clear aligners do this in just 3-6 months! Not to mention, the invisible braces price in Abu Dhabi (or Dubai) is also much cheaper than that of metal ones. Imagine being able to get your dream smile without having to break your vault!

Smileneo Offers the Cheapest Clear Aligners!

When it comes to getting the cheapest invisible braces, then Smileneo takes the lead. Smileneo’steeth aligners are cheap, effective and quick! While metal braces would cost you a lot of money, Smileneo’s invisible braces will give you that Hollywood smile in about AED 6,900.

Not to mention, Smileneo also offers installment plans with 0% markup – something that you can avail if you don’t want to spend all that money in a jiffy!

Smileneo’s dental braces in Dubai are one of the most precise treatments out there. Their experts are well-versed in their jobs and give you a customized treatment appropriate for your individual case. They also offer remote consultations which means you can get your treatment from the comfort of home – no more frequent dentist visits!

So, why delay attaining your perfect smile? Register with Smileneo so that your treatment can start ASAP!

How to Register with Smileneo?

Signing up with Smileneo is very simple – all you’ve to do is that your online smile assessment that you can find on their website. You would have to attach some pictures of your teeth and jaw so that the Smileneo experts can study your case. Should you fit the criteria for Smileneo’s invisible braces, you’ll get your approval via email.

After that, you’ll need to visit one of Smileneo’s partner clinics for a physical examination. Your orthodontist will take some x-rays to get your clear aligners made to utmost precision. Once your braces are ready, they’ll be delivered to you. Then after, your treatment will be monitored remotely via the Smileneo mobile app. For any concerns or follow-ups, you can simply reach out to your dentist through the app!

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