Dead or Alive 6 Now Charges Money Each Time You Change a Character’s Hair Colour

Dead or Alive 6

The new hair colors were introduced with the v1.20 update to the Dead or Alive 6 PS4 edition on February 25. Part of this upgrade eliminated the restriction to the maximum number of Premium Tickets that can be bought-it was previously set to the number of Tickets required to purchase all the costumes of the title.

Dead or Alive 6

The FAQ further states that “hair color adjustment data is stored in the save data and any hair color modifications you’ve made will be restored if you delete your save data. you can also get more detail in oceanofgames” So if you remove your Dead or Alive 6 save then the hair colors of your characters revert to their defaults and you’ll have to buy each hair color again.

The price of adjusting the hair color of a Dead or Alive 6 character didn’t go down well with some fans of the game.

ocean of game

The v1.20 update also came with new DLC costumes which are also accessible on the game’s Desktop and Xbox models. Some of those costumes are mashups of Gust’s characters, one of the game developer studios of Tecmo Koei, best known for its show Atelier and Ar tonelico. 

The latest DLC characters are sold separately or as a $39.99/ £ 32.99 kit. The costumes will also be included in the Season 4 pass along with other DLC launched during January and March 2020, costing $89.99/ £ 73.99.

The latest Content contributes to the long list of DLC that is now available for purchase for Dead or Alive 6, and brings the amount to about $343/ £ 280 at its lowest cost when bought on Steam as a season. If you were to buy each DLC separately, and therefore at the highest cost, you are looking at a sum of about $900/ £ 776

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