What do I need to set up my own pot caterer?

The demand, by fans of the cachimba in Spain, is leading many hospitality businesses to offer their customers the possibility of consuming shishas in their establishments, but there are many doubts that arise to entrepreneurs and owners of drinks and clubs, about what they need to buy, and how to start riding a catering of pots with full guarantee.

At Zulo Shishas we know this sector first hand, and we know perfectly what are the key aspects and points for you to optimize your investment to the maximum,either because you are going to offer your customers a catering service of shishas and cachimbas in your own business,or because you start offering cachimbas and shisha services to various nightclubs and cocktail shops,such as an external company.Whatever your case, we have the answer, and we know how to help you in your beginnings.

Get ready, because you’re going to have to take a good note so you don’t get it wrong! And if you don’t, then you call us, you write to us… and we will be the best supplier of shishas accessories and accessories you can find. And above all, forget about unnecessary franchises… Invest in yourself, and only in you!

Why do cocktail shops and clubs offer catering for cachimbas?

Leisure businesses, such as cafes, drinking venues, nightclubs, tea shops, etc… they have realized for some years now that offering cachimbas catering to their customers is a way not only to attract new customers to their business, but to retain them, and to offer them something that their competition does not yet do.Businesses in the leisure sector are looking for new ways to increase their profits, and they know that highlighting and offering something special is the best way to do it.If we add to this that, we are talking about a minimum investment, with a quick return… Voila! We have found the key to success. And we can help you “fulfill this dream.

“The benefits of catering pots in entertainment venues

Surely, at this point, you have noticed that this type of investment has an impact on great profits, not only on the increase of new customers, but at the level of brand, of the time that your customers will stay in your premises, etc… and that will end up reflected in your final sales.

It will increase your income

To the benefit you get for the catering service, regardless of whether you do, as the owner or owner of the drinking place or the nightclub, or hire an external pot catering service, you must add that the average ticket per person will increase considerably, since your customers will enjoy shisha sessions while having a drink, and this time will lengthen, and with it, the consumption of other drinks that would not have been taken if they had not had a refreshing fruit-flavored cachimba exotic, cinnamon, and hundreds of other flavors you wouldn’t imagine.

You can use them in closed premisesThe ban on smoking in closed places is one of the reasons why the cachimba, and its use in cocktail and disco venues is increasing exponentially.

Shisha allows us to use tobacco without nicotine, which offers those who consume it the same performance and sensations, when they use it in pots.Currently, smoking tobacco without nicotine is allowed inside cocktail bars and entertainment venues. But with one more benefit: Leave in our place a splendid smell that does not usually bother anyone, and that disappears with great ease.