How to Buy Cheap Animals Online by Janwer.Pk

There was a time when people used to go to different pet marts or shops and they used to pick the animal which they like the most. Bu now times have changed and people seldom want to go outside but this does not mean that people won’t be buying pets or animals anymore. And if you are an animal lover or going to buy an animal like; sheep, goat, chicken, camel for a festival like Eid-ul-Adah, then you should go to

As you all know that Eid is approaching and the situation of the world is devastating due to the coronavirus. People who care about their family tend to stay at home and shop from home as well. Desperate times calls for different measures and if you celebrating Eid is important as well.

And with that important is buying animals for it. When we go in the open animal market, we see a lot of things before buying an animal like what is its weight, where has it came from, or you can say what is its origin and what was it fed, its weigh and size, but buying animals online might be a very different experience.

According to different people and their experiences, they have mostly faced frauds while shopping online and since this will be a huge purchase in terms of money, then it is important that you read this piece of writing, because here we will tell about the tips of buying cheap animals online.

  • The first tip is to read about the terms and conditions of the website thoroughly. This is important because let’s say that your animal is not the one you wanted and there are some terms and conditions that say that you cannot send it back, then you be one of those people who say that they faced a fraud.

We are not saying that this happened with them because they didn’t read the terms and conditions. But the fact is that there are hundreds of sellers registered with the site and everyone is ensured by the site but there are some sellers who can get away with anything, so it is best to read the terms and conditions and especially the return policy.

  • The next step is to get a good look of the animal you want to purchase. It is highly suggested that you save the images and look at them while zooming just like you used to do it at the market. This is important because you will be able to see the minute details. For example, you are buying a goat and you download its pictures.

And when you zoom it, you see that from different places, the picture is not right, like it has been cloned, then understand it there and then that there is something wrong with the goat, like it has been hurt and the seller has blurred or cloned that part of the picture to make the goat look amazing and fit.

  • The next step is to spend more time at the site and look for the best price. You know that seller sites have hundreds and thousands of animals on it. And you never know which one has the least price and in a hurry, you booked or ordered the one which has a double price.

The best suggestion is to use the filters, for example, you have the budget between 10,000 pkr to 30,000 pkr, what you need to do is click on the filter and set the left bar to 10,000 pkr and the right to 30,000 pkr. What will happen is, you will be able to see all the animals between this range.

  • The best way is to talk to the seller directly. But at this point, we will tell you a trick that most sellers play and the blame comes on the website. The sellers have to give commission to the website to avoid that they will try to get direct contact with you.

And they will give you an offer which is 5k or 6k less than the price on the website, but what most of the time happened is that those sellers gave the animal of less quality and you will end up wasting more money instead of saving. So, trust the site and make a purchase from there, the site will make sure that you get what you asked for. But if you didn’t, the site will not be held responsible for it. Read more about buy how to buy online goat at