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China has awakened to the dangers of continuing to ignore Global Warming and their part in the process. They have also seen the possible opportunities for technological and commercial growth if they set an example by embracing new energy policies. They have moved strongly on several fronts. China has committed to build 50 new nuclear power plants in the next 10 years. They have developed their solar industry to the extent the price of a solar produced kilowatt hour has dropped from 59 cents to 16 cents. They are implementing viable solutions in the mass transit arena. They have reached a critical inflection point and have recognized it! China is attempting to make the right moves.

Where are you? Have you been educated by your culture (brain washed?) to believe you need a 300 horsepower car convert kilowatts to horsepower? Do you believe that you have a right to cheap gas so that you can consume and emit conspicuously? Do you believe that violent movies are entertaining and generally harmless? Do you find yourself answering the cell phone no mater where you are, even on a chair lift or driving an auto? Do you think that eating Third Pounder Burgers at “Faster Food King,” typically a major customer of Monsanto which controls the production of the major GMO seed foods (corn, soy, cotton, and canola) is actually OK for your health? The evidence is out there! But have you taken any responsibility? For your own immediate health? For your families health? For your carbon footprint? Have you engaged in the ‘Green’ Party, paying lip service to being Green? Remember, “It ain’t easy being Green!” said Kermit the frog. Or have you accepted some of the pain? Have you educated yourself about Global Warming? Have you attempted to influence your legislators to stimulate Green business growth in the fields of solar, wind, hydrogen, and alternative energy sources? Have you worked to stop construction of new coal fired power plants? Have you traded your clunker for a Prius? Are you planning to acquire an all electric vehicle in the immediate future? Is your golf cart electric? Would you use mass transit if available? Have you switched to compact fluorescent bulbs? Do you carpool? Would you abide by a national speed limit of 55 mph if you knew that would save thousands of tons of CO2 emissions? Would you drive at 55 if it would save 10,000 lives per year? 5000 lives per year? 1000 lives? 1 life?

We the citizens of the US are experiencing a critical inflection point. Can we influence the Obama administration recognize the opportunity to re-establish world leadership in the development of renewable energy sources and clean power technologies? Can we convince our legislators to empower US science, engineering, and information technology via appropriate stimulus programs so they can develop the science knowledge necessary to allow us to become a viable partner with China (already strong in motivation, manpower and manufacturing power) to supply the world with cheap and clean power? We have reached a critical inflection point and whether we can cause a phase transition toward a paradigm change for the good of the planet is up to each of us

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